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Contract packing services involve removing material from one type of package and relocating it into another packaging type. Propharma can repack powders and other dry materials from any package, including bulk carriers into paper or plastic bags, polypropylene bulk bags, pails, buckets, drums, IBCs in any size.
Many customers prefer to contract out their packaging requirements to a licensed facility.


Customers often require powdered or granular products to be reduced in particle size to:
• Aid dissolution, or dispersion of powders into liquid form;
• Aid flow of product; or
• To assist in more homogeneous blending with other materials of a similar particle size.

Propharma has a Hammer mill for the reduction of granules or powder to 180ųm (0.18mm)

We can add value to your product by sieving your raw materials through a 180m screen. This process is done to eliminate any oversize particles and to screen off any foreign materials. A Kek sieve enables us to separate particles down to 180m. The process enables the non-destructive sieving of products to remove oversize particles, or fines, or both.

Ribbon blenders of various capacities (50kg to 1,500kg) are used to combine a variety of powders into homogeneous blends. All manner or powdered substances can be blended, including human and animal grade powders.